Whitepaper: Intelligence & Experience

Why Intelligence & Experience?

Knowing that one employee works 5 days per week, we can estimate that such an employee works approximately 220 days per year, thus the common employee spends 60% of his time at work. Concluding this thought, it is certain that “out of the box” is a main topic in the actual workplace.

Employee engagement and satisfaction are vital parts of the employee experience, and that's why organizations need to begin to focus on what it means to have intelligent experience with data, and nowadays more organizations are broadening their focus to include optimal workspaces through this analysis.

The pillar of Intelligence & Experience is central to the vision of Workplace, contributing to taking the workplace to the next level. These days it isn't enough to work harder, it's imperative to work better and smarter.

In this Whitepaper we want to present the reason for this challenge, and how and with what tools we will solve and adapt the best working environment for your organization, considering the challenges of automation and analysis that constitute success in creating intelligent work environments.

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  • Workplace: "What" is Intelligence & Experience?
  • Workplace: "Why" Intelligence & Experience?
  • The Challenge: Workplace analytics, people behavior and workplace automation
  • Claranet: vision and approach